Food Exhibition: Display Tips You Can Follow

Food Exhibition Display

Food Exhibition: Display Tips You Can Follow

12 Apr 2019

Food Exhibition Display

The interest and excitement regarding tradeshows and food exhibitions are at a record high. The winter season has gone past us, and spring/summer brings with it a growing trend towards tradeshows and food exhibitions.

While these exhibitions are meant to rope in the masses and allow them to spend an enjoyable day under the sun, they also present an opportunity for vendors. Food vendors and retailers can bring out their A-game at any food exhibition and win over the trust of their customers. Not only can they promote their brand in a good way, but also market certain items from their menu.

While there are a lot of opportunities to cash on, the results you generate by attending a tradeshow are dependent upon the kind of display setup you have. You could place your business at one of the best food exhibitions in town, but without the right display setup, you wouldn’t be able to attract the kind of footfall that you want.

Knowing how most vendors are looking for ideas and tips before heading out to a food exhibition, we have come up with a list of display tips for food exhibitions to assist you with the ordeal. Follow these tips and reap the rewards of a good display at a tradeshow or food exhibition.

You will have to use all five of the elements below at their best to ensure that your stall or display is prominent among all the other ones.

Select Graphics Carefully

Since the primary purpose behind being intelligent with your design is to get traffic towards your stall, you should select your tradeshow stall graphics carefully.

Make your stall as colourful as you possibly can and incorporate the right amount of colour and simple signage in the mix. Go for images that are both simple and bold. You want to create a solid story for your brand and talk to the people present at the tradeshow through the power of your words.

You can start the journey towards excelling at the food exhibition by creating a right blend of art, colour, and the graphics you have at the show. The colours, however, shouldn’t be distracting and should work well as the backdrop to your brand image, rather than overpowering it in any way.

Food Exhibition

Create a Simple Headline for Your Display

Your tradeshow display is your way to grasping the attention of the people walking by. Not every person coming to a tradeshow or a food exhibition is there to visit your brand stall. As off-putting as this reality may sound, it is a pill that you have to take for crafting your content the right way.

Your presence and the display you have at your tradeshow stall should be so compelling that they should drag visitors towards you, rather than scaring them away. Now, customers walking past your booth will only wait and take a first glance at your stall if it has a compelling headline and useful content to complement the graphics on display.

If the graphics are good and the content isn’t, then your trade show will fail to generate the kind of hype that you would expect of it.

A good heading doesn’t just comprise of compelling words, but should also include a good font and a brilliant backdrop. Make sure that people can see what you’re saying to them.

Market Your Best Products through Display Equipment

Every food vendor would agree that there are some products on their menu which they are more confident about. These products happen to generate more traffic and can impress customers easily.
So, the graphics and the marketing outside your food exhibition stall should be tilted towards promoting these products in the best manner possible. You can achieve this through the use of our high-performance display chillers.

Let your customers know what you are selling to them and market the items in the best manner possible. Your customers would be tempted to try out items that you have pictures of. So, make sure that you promote the best items in the best manner possible.

We offer multiple display equipment on a rental basis for success at your food exhibition.
Our retail offerings include:

• Eye-catching multideck chillers that can be used for multiple purposes. These chillers have various desks for added storage.
• Modern and style serve over chiller counters. These counters have a dual purpose and make use of the limited space.
• The spectacular Dome Island Chillers Display. These chillers have an aesthetic design and grasp attention immediately.
• The sleek and modern cake displays for displaying your cakes and desserts in the best manner possible.
• The first-class dry age meat display, an excellent option if you are a butcher, food retailer or producer; your meat products visible thanks to the four glass sides of this cabinet.

Food Exhibition

Make Company Name Prominent

Tradeshows and food exhibitions are all about promoting your company name and making it prominent in the eyes of those visiting your stalls. So, if you’re not making your company name prominent, you’re probably losing out on the whole plot.

Other than being at the top of your stall for directions and other assistance, you should also have it everywhere else. From the pictures, standees and other marketing material to the menus and the boxes, your company name should be everywhere to build a conditional association in the eyes of the visitors. You can also have stickers of your company name on the refrigerated display at your stall.

Feature Website Address and Social Media Handles

While food exhibitions would do a lot of justice for your brand, you can further rope in customers by having your social media handles and website address advertised at the event. You can also promote your social media handles on the boxes you’re giving for takeaway so that your customers can look at them and see the address for later.

Follow these display tips for food exhibitions and accentuate it further with a refrigerated display at your stall to rope in customers.