Brand Building: From Shelf To Sales…

Brand Building: Physical retail remains an important channel

The digital revolution has generated exciting new opportunities when it comes to brand building. Food and drink producers can spread their brand message further and wider by adopting a multi-platform approach to marketing. This means it’s never been easier to reach potential customers! And yet, the power of effective in-store product display strategies remains as potent as ever.

The competition for market share is fierce. New products are landing on the supermarket shelves all the time, taking on established favourites. For food and drink producers, brand building through conventional retail channels remains a proven strategy. After all, the vast majority of UK shoppers still do at least some grocery shopping in store – according to Mintel research.

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Brand Building: Display Fridge Rental Solutions

For the foreseeable future, physical retail will continue to play a vital role in brand building. And there are examples of US producers that have taken that brand building role to the next level, as brand agency CBX reveals. From Shelf to Storefront, Both Chobani Greek Yogurt and McCormick seasonings have taken the unique step of opening stores exclusively selling their own products.

As CBX suggests, this bold move can help to develop even stronger connections with customers. It isn’t a viable option for many companies, admittedly, but does show how physical retail still has an important role in increasing exposure and driving sales. For many brands, it becomes a question of how to control their in-store experience when up against multiple competitors.

Brand Building: Customised display fridge rental solutions

A Forbes article charts the experience of one jam producer that delivered excellent retail results in one four-week period. The producer saw net sales increase by up to 25%, taking into account factors that provided leverage with retailers and consumer behaviour insights. Ultimately, the best place for your product is somewhere that a customer is going to see it. And pick it up!

Our expertise in this sector can hand your business the advantage when it comes to brand building. Food and drink producers have seized the retail initiative with our fridge hire solutions. We will partner with your business to realise your aims. Awareness, Profit, Results! Our display fridge rental expertise speaks for itself.

Consider this producer. With a new product launching, a fridge hire solution was required – despite the product being more suited to the confectionary aisle. The collaborative approach to brand building we took with that company delivered high levels of sales success. It worked for that business. It can work for yours too.

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