Grocery Refrigeration: Are You Looking To Upgrade?

Grocery Refrigeration: Is now the time to upgrade your equipment estate?

The kids are back to school and the nights are starting to draw in once again. It can only mean that summer is coming to a close. The food retail focus will soon turn towards the lucrative Christmas period. But first, a window of opportunity to run the rule over your grocery refrigeration estate. Does it perform how you want it to? Do you have enough space? How much is it costing to run?

If your business – either large or small – is now at a point where it’s time to overhaul your grocery refrigeration, there’s much to think about. The logistics, maintenance and efficiency of your fleet are key considerations, and not just in terms of performance levels. After all, refrigeration uses its fair share of electricity – between 30%-60% of the total used by supermarkets, for example.

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Grocery Refrigeration: Cooling Your Cost Concerns…

Grocery Refrigeration: It needs to be cost-effective, flexible and high-performance

It can be a hard decision to make. Should you sink capital into new grocery refrigeration or persist with inefficient units that drive up energy bills? At Refrigeration Rentals, it doesn’t have to be either of those choices. We support some of the biggest names in retail with our unique out-of-the-box rental approach to equipment procurement.

So, what can we offer your food retail business? To start, we supply only the finest fridges and, indeed, other equipment. Our relationship with the leading commercial fridge and freezer manufacturers makes that possible. And it means you can get access to the latest advances in cooling, freezing and energy saving technologies.

If capital costs are a concern, there simply are none with our fridge rental packages. Yes, that’s right. You don’t need to invest any up-front capital to get a bespoke fridge hire solution. The logistics? We take care of that. Maintenance? It’s built into your rental contract for no extra cost. Branding? Yes, even that’s an option when you hire your grocery refrigeration from us!


Grocery Refrigeration: Sales, Savings and Security

Grocery Refrigeration: With innovative rental solutions, you can make your floor space work for you

It doesn’t have to take long for your food retail enterprise to benefit from upgrading your grocery refrigeration. Speaking to Supermarket News, Hillphoenix energy analyst Leigha Joyal said: “New systems require less maintenance and offer flexibility. They also can be easily adapted to accommodate future store re-designs or expansions.”

Not only that, but Joyal explains how upgrading to eco-friendlier units might just save you in the long term. This will drive down your outgoings and help future-proof your business, yet still that’s not all. Our fridge rental services give you the chance to rethink your in-store layout because we’ll help you make the most of the space you have with innovative solutions that deliver results.

Why not increase the range of chilled and frozen products you sell? Expand your capacity so you’re able to offer more of those products? And drive your sales figures to a whole new level. Talk to our team of experts about your grocery refrigeration needs and let’s see what we can achieve together. We want to change how retailers own and manage capital equipment. And we want to help you.

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