Milk: Is It More Hydrating Than Water?

Milk: More hydrating than water?

If your throat is feeling dry and you need some refreshment, what drink(s) do you turn to? One common answer is “water”. After all, a quick Google search of “how to stay hydrated” seems to back that up. But is the humble H2O actually the best way to get (and stay) hydrated)? Or have we been overlooking the capabilities of drinks such as milk when it comes to quenching thirst?

Well, a study first published last December suggests we have! A total of 13 “commonly consumed” drinks were put to the test for their hydration qualities. Milk – both full-fat and skimmed varieties – was compared with the hydrating effects of drinks such as cola, tea and coffee. The results were surprising, with water lagging “significantly” behind four beverages in the hydration stakes.

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Milk and the ‘Beverage Hydration Index’

Scientists are calling for a new index to help consumers realise the hydrating effects of drinks such as milk

According to the New York Times, those four beverages were the two milk varieties, orange juice and an oral rehydration solution. With its ‘hydration score’ assigned at 1.0, water came in behind orange juice (1.1) and the other three (around 1.5). And, given that oral rehydration solutions are designed with a specific medical purpose, milk has stolen the show as an everyday drink.

But why?

Study lead author Professor Ron Maughan was quoted by the NYT as saying: “Normally when you drink, it signals the kidneys to get rid of the extra water by producing more urine. However, when beverages contain nutrients and electrolytes like sodium and potassium, as milk does, the stomach empties more slowly with a less dramatic effect on the kidneys.”

Now, scientists from the universities of Stirling, Loughborough and Bangor are calling for the creation of a “beverage hydration index” to help consumers. From a retail perspective, however, could this open up new opportunities for the sale of milk? Earlier this summer, we saw how one campaign aims to “reposition” fresh milk as a healthier grab-and-go alternative. So, why not?


Milk and Getting The Message Across…

We can help milk producers share the message far and wide with our fridge rental solutions

How can producers spread the word? The introduction of a “beverage hydration index” could get things started, but what else? In our experience, a dynamic and effective marketing plan is the making (or not) of a product. Refrigeration Rentals provides total support in this sector. Our unique out-of-the-box equipment hire solution delivers flexibility, peace of mind and results.

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For milk producers, the study delivers some great news – why not ‘milk it’ for all its worth?

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