Product Packaging: The Importance of Being Noticed

Shopper Choices: How effective product packaging can deliver strong sales

How much thought goes into the packaging of your food or drink product? If it’s not one of your top priorities as a business, you could be making a huge miscalculation. The power of product packaging is not to be sniffed at. It can help your brand stand out from your rivals and be the one that sells.

The retail environment is an intense battleground and there’s no shortage of companies battling for attention. Even retailers themselves have thrown their hats into the ring with their own-label goods and that means your products are up against it. So, why not give them the best chance of success?

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Product Packaging: “It’s Crazy How Significant Packaging Is”

That’s the view of Innocent co-founder Richard Reed, speaking at the Business Funding Show earlier this year. Reed, reported Campaign, highlighted the need for brands to focus on getting the product packaging right. And it’s an approach that’s helped establish Innocent as a hugely successful brand.

Reed spoke from experience. Innocent first went into the orange juice sector with a carton design – but returned turnover of just £4m in its second year. The company went away and came back with a carafe-style bottle three years later. The result? It reached a turnover of £80m in its second year.

Product Packaging: One of the best ways to grab attention?

But there’s more to your product packaging than just getting noticed. As retail expert Ralph Meesen says, packaging protects your product, delivers the physical representation of your brand image and ‘transmits’ a sense of worth. And all these factors combine to connect with potential customers.

The success of your product will depend on a range of factors, but first it needs an effective platform. And that’s where your product packaging comes to the fore. After all, you don’t want your product to be lost in the crowd. It literally has to be outstanding and in step with the image you want to convey.

You can also strengthen the appeal of your product further with our bespoke display fridge solutions. Let your product packaging spread its message in a display unit that’s customised with your branding. The competition is fierce so ensure your product stands out. It’s the importance of being noticed…

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