Wine Packaging: What Do Consumers Look For?

Wine Packaging: Is your product standing out in a crowded aisle?

In a competitive retail market, it’s crucial that food and drink producers ensure their packaging is a top priority. It’s not the first time you’ll hear that – and it won’t be the last. But the topic has yet again come to the fore thanks to last month’s Wines and Vines Packaging Conference. In particular, it was one specific session on wine packaging that proved popular with delegates visiting the event.

As Wines and Vines magazine reported, the session saw “three wine retailers discussing what wine packaging worked for them”. The session, and indeed entire event, might be just a niche in a wider food and production industry. But the insights shared and lessons apply to nearly any company aiming to expand reach and drive sales. So, what packaging works and what doesn’t?

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Wine Packaging: Authentic, Sustainable, Convenient

Wine Packaging: Cans are becoming an increasingly popular format

The growing number of millennials – 20-somethings and 30-somethings – drinking wine is having a significant effect on the sector. Earlier this year, CreativeFeed CEO Arthur Ceria revealed to Forbes that “millennials aren’t drinking their parents’ wine” and were seeking new and authentic options. And with that are very real implications for how wine packaging is made, presented and marketed.

For example, is it important for bottles to be organic or sustainably-made? Yes, say 51% of women in the US aged 21-24 – according to CreativeFeed research. And labels are crucial too, as 46% think “traditional, classic and sophisticated” varieties are more appealing to consumers. It’s not just how it’s made and what it looks like either, but also the format that wine is now available in.

Cans are taking off as a popular form of wine packaging too. It was certainly the view of two wine retailers sharing their experiences at the Wines and Vines conference. In many respects, it mirrors the emergence of food-to-go and the convenience factor. All of this presents fresh challenges for wine retailers – after all, packaging can often only be as good as the in-store display marketing.


Wine Packaging: Our Potent Fridge Rental Solutions 

Wine Packaging: More choice, but how do you encourage customers to pick your product?

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