Brand Loyalty: Is Honesty The Best Policy?

Brand Loyalty: How shoppers now make their choices

It’s never been more important for brands to be honest about where food or drink products come from. That’s because a new study has found that consumers now want more in-depth information about the products they buy. And this is going to have a huge impact on manufacturers – not least when it comes to product sales and brand loyalty.

Label Insight’s 2016 Food Revolution Study explores how American shoppers are making their food choices – and their expectations from brands. And the study uncovers a “clear gap” between those expectations and the amount of product information being provided. Most startling is the number prepared to ditch brand loyalty as a result.

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Brand Loyalty: The Shift In Consumer Expectations

The report shows that more than a third of shoppers would switch brands if more information was available elsewhere. Meanwhile, 94 per cent believe it’s vital for brands to be honest about what’s in their food and how it’s made. On the flip side, three-quarters admit they didn’t trust food labels. It poses quite a challenge for manufacturers.

If there are challenges, however, there are also opportunities.

Brand Loyalty: New Challenges, New Opportunities

Label Insight CMO Patrick Moorhead believes new and established brands can benefit “by opening up about their products”. From a brand loyalty perspective, the rewards are there if consumers are given those details they now crave. Ultimately, brands are able to build and rebuild relationships if they are transparent about their products.

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