Commercial Refrigerators: Ways to Visually Merchandise Your Store


commercial refrigeration

Visual merchandising is the way forward in the retail game. Retail outlets nowadays are focused on achieving the goal of maximum inventory turnover and luring customers into a sale, even when they are not sure about it.

Grocery store and convenience store owners are thinking of ways to visually highlight their best selling products so that they can stimulate or influence consumer interest in them.

Now, almost half of the entire inventory a retailer is selling comprises of refrigerated stock that needs commercial refrigerators to be kept fresh and usable. Knowing the need to display your goods provocatively, retailers should not miss out on the importance of presenting their chilled provisions in the right manner.

Here we mention three tips you can follow to strategically display your commercial refrigerator that induces interest from the buyer. Follow these methods and be sure of the attention that will come your way:

Emphasise Items That Are ‘Wanted’

Every customer walks into a grocery or convenience store with a clear or even a vague idea of what they want. Most successful retailers realise that, while customers are here to buy what they need, this gives them a chance to sell them stuff they didn’t exactly require, but might suddenly discover that they want.

This is done by making ‘these’ goods easy to see and placing them at a strategic location, usually within eye level. Store managers can use this age-old practice to good effect by using commercial refrigerators for displaying want items that require refrigeration.

commercial refrigerators

Use a Variety of Sizes

Store managers that have limited space available within their store have to play smart when it comes to managing the refrigeration within their store. Now, the key idea here is to make your refrigerated items visible and ensure that the customer can spot what they need without having to run three rounds of the whole stores. To do this, store managers can make use of different sizes and varieties of commercial refrigerators. This would ensure that you can strategically place the refrigerators at various locations, without their size being a hindrance. You can fill your store up with countertop, double-door and triple-door units.

Employ the Latest Technology

Retailers need to play smart here and ensure that the items they have a refrigerated look pleasing to customers. Many retailers prefer going for refrigeration units with LED lights in them. They accentuate the presence of the product for sale and highlight its presence.

Similar, there are numerous other technologies such as double-panelled glass doors and directional lights which can be used to good effect here.

You can get in touch with our experts for visual merchandising in your store. The refrigeration equipment we offer doesn’t only help you enhance the quality of your offerings but also enables you to relax and focus on what matters.

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