Fresh Milk: A Fresh ‘Grab-And-Go’ Alternative?

Fresh Milk

Scotland’s largest supermarkets have been urged to “reposition” fresh milk in their stores – and to promote it as a healthier ‘on-the-go’ alternative to fizzy drinks. The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) Scotland has written to the retailers to make the request in an effort to drive demand.

NFU Scotland called on Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s to stock one-pint fresh milk cartons in their front-of-store convenience chillers. It is thought the move could transform milk into a more attractive option for shoppers looking to purchase grab-and-go sandwiches and snacks.

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Fresh Milk: A Healthy, Convenient Alternative

NFU Scotland has written to the four supermarkets after a pilot scheme in Devon returned positive results. A local farmer encouraged stores in the local area to sell fresh milk from their convenience fridges – and now Tesco is thought to be contemplating a wider roll-out of the initiative.

Graeme Kilpatrick, the union’s milk committee chairman, said: “Milk is already available in one pint cartons… and there is room for manufacturers and processors to develop new products, which can build on the appeal of milk as convenient and nutritious.”

Kilpatrick added that a chance to drive demand and expand the milk market in Scotland would help support dairy farmers. Most Scottish farmers currently receive less than 19p per litre of milk, while some have seen their milk price fall to as low as 11 or 12p per litre.

Fresh Milk

This week saw the launch of Arla’s new 250ml grab-and-go bottle of Cravendale fresh milk – taking it into direct competition with sugary soft drinks. And with people looking for healthier alternatives, the timing could be perfect for new milk-based drinks to hit the food-to-go market.

It’s not just existing convenience chillers that can help fuel demand for milk-to-go either. The value of off-fixture displays simply can’t be underestimated – both from a retailer’s perspective and from a producer’s too. That’s where our commercial fridge rental solutions perform superbly.

We have seen retailers and producers achieve stunning results with our help. We supply equipment that provides the in-store platform on which products can reach their potential. We have seen it happen with confectionary, savoury snacks and more – so why not fresh milk?

Healthy and natural products that are convenient for modern lifestyles are very much in demand at the moment – and fresh milk certainly fits the bill. If Scottish supermarkets do heed the call of the NFU and it proves a hit with shoppers, retailers, farmers and producers all stand to benefit.

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