Frozen Food Market Set For European Growth

Frozen Food: Is your business equipped for growth?

The frozen food market in Europe is in line to grow by nearly 4% between now and 2020. That’s the verdict of a new study from Research and Markets. The Frozen Food Market in Europe 2016-2020 report has examined the trends that will drive this growth – and the opportunities on offer to European food retailers. The question is: will your business be ready to take advantage?

One of the most notable trends is the emergence of “portable frozen food” because the convenience of such products is a tailor-made fit for today’s busy lifestyles. It won’t come as much of a surprise to retailers, however, because of how popular food-to-go has become. With less time to cook from scratch, frozen ready meals are tempting mealtime proposition.

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Frozen Food: Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold

So, portable frozen food is poised to fuel growth across the European market. But is it a sure-fire win? Yes, according to the report. More and more innovative packaging techniques are being used and it is enhancing the convenience aspect. For example, there is microwavable and heat-resistant, as well as the separation of ingredients; sauces, rice, fishes and meats too.

Frozen Food: The convenience aspect is paramount

The publication of this research coincided an appeal from the UK’s Food Safety Agency (FSA) too. According to the FSA, misconceptions about ‘safe freezing’ are leading to higher food waste levels. If the public heed the call, the potential for even bigger growth in the sales of frozen food stands to reason and that means that businesses have to be prepared to cater for that demand.

So, is your business prepared?

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