How to Get Associated with the Big Supermarket Chains


It is a dream for all small businesses and start-ups to get listed as a supplier with the big supermarket/retail giants. These giants not only promote a product further, but they create a feasible scenario for a new business that is trying to find its footing during the initial period. With the right steps, you can surely have your product among the likes of others present inside supermarkets.

Getting Listed with the Big Guys

Supermarkets and giant retail outlets have also recognized the need for helping new businesses during this tough time initially. There has been a shift in perspective, and while supermarkets previously shelved goods from big brands only, they have started taking in the newer products that match their quality standards.

Obviously, with the changing trends, the dream for all new products is to be listed in any of the giant supermarkets. Recognizing the efforts new businesses make while trying to be listed with supermarkets. Here are some tips on how a new product manager can make this happen. 

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Look out for Engagement Events

All supermarkets have regular engagement events with small suppliers. These engagement events are meant to motivate new suppliers to bring forth their products towards them. These events have started to receive a good reception from the general public, and you should also try being part of one. Being part of such an engagement event can help your product catch the eyes of supermarket owners. And, if the product is half as good as you believe it to be, you would be part of their portfolio soon.  

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Know your Product and Market

Information pertaining to your product and market can be extremely important during these times. It is important for entrepreneurs and managers to know what they have with them. In addition, why they are approaching a said supermarket. Supermarkets also have their own audiences, and it is best to reach out to one that caters to the segment your product is made for. Try to have a good connection with your product’s audience and learn every bit of information about your product. The success of your product depends on your knowledge of it. You could have a capable product on your hand, but poor tactics could bottle the opportunity.

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Be Prepared for Exclusivity

Big supermarkets love products that offer them exclusivity. These hungry giants need exclusivity to satiate their appetite, and you can offer them just that. Reach a deal with a supermarket, which would make their outlet the only place selling your product for a specified period of time. Remember that you are offering exclusivity for market acceptance.

Highlight Accreditations

Highlight each and every accreditation that you might have to your name. Make the supermarket realize that your brand can be trusted, and that the certificates you have, speak in your favour. With a good list of laurels, your brand would appear more appealing to a supermarket than others.

If you follow the methods above, you would eventually be able to get your product into the shelves of any popular supermarket in your area.

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