McDonald’s UK unveils Follow Our Foodsteps campaign

McDonald's UK launches Follow Our Foodsteps

McDonald’s UK has unveiled a brand new campaign to support the British and Irish farming sectors. The campaign – Follow Our Foodsteps – invites customers to find out more about all the individuals and companies who grow, produce and prepare food for the fast food restaurant chain in the UK.

Follow Our Foodsteps forms part of Farm Forward – a long-term programme run by McDonald’s UK to “address the challenges facing the sector”. One of those challenges is recruitment, with the Food and Drink Federation claiming a further 109,000 posts need to be filled over the coming six years.

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Follow Our Foodsteps: Farmers, Suppliers and McDonald’s Teams

Follow Our Foodsteps is hoping to tackle that skills gap by helping people find out more about food sourcing and production. YouGov research found that 74% of consumers want more information on where their food comes from, while 20% can’t explain any process behind the production of food.

With the help of the latest technology, McDonald’s UK is inviting its customers to trace three stages of food production. It will involve farmers, developers, suppliers and more from the company’s own UK supply chain – keeping over 1,250 outlets equipped to serve 3.7 million customers every day!

McDonald's UK: Follow Our Foodsteps

Refrigeration Rentals is no stranger to helping suppliers and producers increase brand awareness in a retail setting. Our unique fridge rental solutions are used by some of the industry’s biggest players to drive sales and exposure. But, when it comes to the restaurant sector, it isn’t so straightforward.

It is one reason that makes Follow The Foodsteps such an important campaign for McDonald’s UK’s producers and suppliers. This is a platform that normally, perhaps, isn’t available. And it’ll provide a welcome insight into the how one of the UK’s biggest restaurant chains sources its food.

McDonald’s UK supply chain director Connor McVeigh said: “The eating out market is growing but this passion for food is masking a lack of understanding around how food is produced and the vital role our farming and food industries play in growing, sourcing and producing quality ingredients.”

You’ll be able to catch up with the Follow Our Foodsteps experience at a number of UK locations – including the Royal Highland Show, Royal Welsh Show and London Skills Show. For more details on the campaign and the immersive experiences it contains, please visit

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