Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Preparing for a Trade Show or Food Exhibition

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A trade show or a food exhibition can be an excellent opportunity for any small or big brands or food producers. Not only does the show give them a chance to spread their branding, but it also helps them create awareness for their products and make new clients.

The footfall at trade shows and food exhibitions is excellent, which is why small businesses can benefit from the target audience present there.

Now, the prospects might be fantastic, but this shouldn’t stop you from doing your part of the job. Trade shows are attended by tens and hundreds of businesses offering the same thing as you. So, how do you differentiate your brand from them and create an impression in the eyes of the users? Trade shows and food exhibitions involve a lot more than just reserving space and signing dotted lines. You need to be prepared for them and should be ready to take the show by the scruff of the neck and to make new customers.

In a bid to help you get prepared for trade shows and food exhibitions, we have prepared a list of questions that you should ask yourself before attending one. With answers to these questions you can achieve the deserved title of King/Queen of the show for your brand:

Why am I Participating?

This is perhaps the most important out of all the questions that should cross your mind. Knowing why you’re heading to the trade show in the first place can help you define your marketing strategy in the best way possible.

Entrepreneurs sign up for trade shows and food exhibitions for several reasons. You could either be trying the show out as a launching pad for your business or could just be looking for means to ensure that the local target market knows about your offerings. Regardless of your purpose, you ought to be clear of what you want to do at the trade show, and how it should benefit you in the long run.

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Am I “Organized Enough” for the Show?

Once you know your purpose at the show, you need to sit down and see how well you are organised for the show. Starting your preparations for the food exhibition, well in advance, can save you a lot of hassle at the end and might even give you a chance to keep some costs.

For instance, brands and businesses that get registered earlier often get an early bird discount for their space. This discount gives you a chance to get your desired stall space at considerably less than what the others would get it for.

How Much Space Do I Need?

To answer this question, you need to be sure of your answer to the first question. The space you require will depend upon the purpose behind your decision to attend this food exhibition or trade show.
You also need to know the kind of budget you have before answering this question, as some trade shows charge a lot for bigger spaces. However, don’t let your budget or a small space scare you away, as there are a lot of big things that you can do in that small space. Just organise your booth well and present it in a way that beats all others.

What Should Be Inside My Stand?

This is another one of the crucial questions you should have definite answers to before the start of the trade show. Knowing what you should have inside your store can help you prepare for the show in advance.
Now, obviously, you can make the answer to this question easier by knowing what you would be exhibiting at the food exhibition. Know that you will need a proper commercial refrigerator that accentuates your offerings in front of the local audience. Additionally, you can have different merchandise displays and other marketing signage to bring people towards your stall.

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Who Is My Target Audience?

Oh, so you have everything planned out but aren’t sure who your target audience is. Well, to be brutally honest, you should have this question answered before you registered yourself for the show. There are plenty of trade shows and food exhibitions happening around town, and you ought to know your target audience and the kind of shows they would be attending. Based on this inference you can get an estimate on the type of shows you should be visiting.

How Do I Measure the Attendance at the Show?

While you can measure the attendance at your stall based on the number of products you sold, you would also want to know the total number of people that viewed your signage and branding at the trade show.
For this, you would have to get in touch with the store management. Ask them questions about the total audience and any specific headcount that can help you know the people who saw your business’s branding. For instance, if your stall was located right at the south entrance for the show, ask the management about the number of people that came in through that entrance. With your answer to this question, you would be able to tell how many people saw your stall.

How Do I Promote My Presence at the Show?

This is 2019, and social media is the answer to all such questions. You can let everyone know that you’re attending this trade show, by adequately marketing it on social media. Share posts on social media, and have competitions for giveaways that people can come and collect at the exhibition.

You can get in touch with our experts for visual merchandising in your stall at a food exhibition. The refrigeration equipment we offer doesn’t only help you enhance the quality of your offerings but also enables you to relax and focus on what matters.

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