Supermarket Shopping: A ‘Frustrating’ Experience?

Supermarket Shopping: How do your customers find the in-store experience?

The supermarket sector in the UK and Ireland has never been more competitive – to put it mildly! In terms of sales, pressure continues to mount on the UK’s “Big Four” of Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. Recent figures from Kantar Worldpanel uncover another 12 weeks of double-digit growth for discounters Aldi and Lidl. It shows the clear shift in supermarket shopping habits.

With such a fierce battle on their hands, supermarket chains are turning to price as their weapon of choice. Asda, for example, is to cut meat, ketchup and coffee prices in a bid to halt falling sales. But are chains missing out on other ways to retain and attract customers? As it emerges that 66% of Brits find supermarket shopping “frustrating”, is enough focus put on the in-store experience? 

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Supermarket Shopping: The Frustrating Factors

Supermarket Shopping: Are your promotions visible enough to customers?

Ubamarket – a new supermarket shopping app – has just published a report exploring consumer attitudes towards food shopping. The findings make intriguing reading, with plenty of insights for the operators of physical stores. While Ubamarket finds “the inconvenience of the online shop has driven some UK consumers back to the store”, the in-store model seems far from ideal. 

The 66% of UK adults who express frustration with supermarket shopping equates to 33.4 million people. And this frustration is bad news for supermarkets if it makes those shoppers move online. Long checkout queues and waiting times is the leading gripe for consumers, but 15% think it’s too easy to miss out on offers and a further 15% simply struggle to find what they’re looking for.

OK, you may not be able to do much about your checkout queues at peak times. After all, it’s not as if you can tell your shoppers when to visit your store! But why not take steps to work on those factors that are in your control – like product visibility. It may only be a starting point, but it could be the difference between keeping or losing customers. And we can help you achieve this.


Supermarket Shopping: The In-Store Shop Window

Supermarket Shopping: Explore the full potential of our fridge rental solutions

For chilled and frozen products, think of your fridges and freezers like shop windows in their own right. You need equipment that captures attention, entices customers and attracts sales, as well as keeping products at their optimum temperature. It makes the supermarket shopping process that extra bit easier because you’re helping shoppers find their products or get on board your latest offers.

How do we fit into this equation? Quite simply, we are the trusted adviser to leading retailers across the UK and Ireland and no-one has more experience of providing display fridges and freezer rental solutions that get results for retailers. Our out-of-the-box services are tailored to the exact needs of your store. We’re helping to make it much simpler to do business in a competitive sector.

With our retail fridge rental solutions, you get an all-round package. Logistics, maintenance and high quality units of all shapes and sizes – it’s all part of the service we provide. Don’t let ineffective displays and poor product visibility hold your supermarket back. If you have the will to win the battle with your rivals, let us be your ally because we’ll help push you onto ultimate success.

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