Whitbread Invests In Healthy Food-To-Go

Whitbread has acquired a 49% stake in Pure

It is a business that has conquered the UK’s coffee shop and hotel market, but Whitbread is now making its move into the food-to-go market. Not only that, but the healthy eating sector too. The company has acquired a 49 per cent stake in Pure – the sandwich and salad chain that labels itself as the healthier alternative to fast-food eateries.

Pure has established a successful food-led grab-and-go concept, with online delivery part of that mix as well. It has eight sites across London and plans to open more soon. In securing its share of this particular pie, Whitbread believes that it “has its finger on the pulse of consumer trends and that we innovate with new formats and concepts”.

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Pure And Simple For Whitbread?

It might prove a clever move for Whitbread. Not least if it’s been tracking the amazing success of Freshii in recent months. Health food has hit the stratosphere in terms of consumer trends, with people looking to overhaul their eating habits for the better. With public health at the top of the government agenda too, it’s never been more relevant.

Whitbread’s proven success with Costa Coffee and Premier Inn (among other brands) means we can probably expect Pure to undergo a period of serious growth over the coming months. And it won’t just be about the food – it’s the whole package; customer service, brand image and store design are also key selling points as with any business.

So, how about your business? If you’re in foodservice, are you noticing a shift towards healthier eating? Have you thought about how you can capitalise on that? Space might be at a premium, and cashflow may be restricted too – but that doesn’t have to let you shy away from a segment of the market that is getting more and more popular.

We are highly experienced in providing bespoke fridge rental solutions for customers of all shapes and sizes. We have long known the value of being innovative and direct, flexible and forward-thinking – and our commercial equipment hire packages are all about facilitating businesses with a focus on the future and a finger on the pulse.

You might not have the clout of an industry giant such as Whitbread, but do you really need to? Not if you’re getting that whole package spot on. Remember, Costa Coffee dominates UK coffee sales, but independent coffee shops are closing that gap. Be the new pioneer in healthy eating – and let us help you achieve that.

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