Food Prep Counters

Refrigerated Food Prep Counters are the perfect solution for rapid food preparation in the commercial kitchen. Combining valuable kitchen counter prep space with reliable refrigeration and cold storage; these handy prep stations also provide space for multiple gastronorm pans of ingredients.

Perfect for both front-of-house or a kitchen, these flexible chiller units make it easy to prepare pizza, sandwiches, or wraps in seconds at any busy counter.

Our selection of prep food counters includes models with marble worktops for kneading pizza dough. Combining valuable kitchen workspace with refrigerated cold storage eliminates the need for repeated trips to the main storage fridges. All core ingredients for the day can be stored for easy access,  close at hand, improving time management, and reducing customer wait times.

Here at Cross Rental Services - Refrigeration & Catering, Ireland, we carry a wide selection of 1 to 4-door options, with topping units and a variety of worktops. Contact us today to discuss your specific food prep requirements.