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Air Purifiers

Many hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and hospitality businesses are looking for innovative solutions to facilitate reopening their businesses in a smart and safe manner. While eating outdoors does provide a certain level of protection to your customers, ventilation throughout the business is a concern for many.

We carry a range of HEPA 14, medical grade air purifiers which are available for hire on a short or long term contract. These mobile plug-and-play units can be moved around where needed, and can be left to run without continuous monitoring. Protect yourself and your environment with HEPA-filtered clean air that is 99.995% free from dangerous air pollutants.

Use them in high traffic areas where customers have to pass through to use the bathrooms, approach reception or to access your garden or patio. Or place in the kitchen to protect your catering staff.

*Note: while the units are splash-proof, they will need to be situated in a weatherproof area and can not be left unprotected to the outside elements.

Contact us today and we can provide you with a workable solution for your specific premises.


tac v air purifier pulling in dirty air and pushing out clean air

The TAC V+ air purifier has a large clean air capacity for effective air purification in hotels, gyms, restaurants & bars; making it ideally equipped for every requirement, since it features reserve capacities which allow for 10 or more air circulations per hour even in larger rooms.


The cube-shaped AirgoClean® 250 E air purifier combines perfection, living space-friendly design and high-performance HEPA filter technology, combined with maximum functionality. Its fins at the air outlet are aerodynamically shaped and guarantee an optimum distribution of the cleaned air. The combined air quality indication on the LED-illuminated digital display indicates the fine dust value and the quality of the room air in real time. The outstanding features of the AirgoClean® 250 E are completed by three operating modes (automatic mode with light detection, turbo mode, night mode). Moreover, the comfort air cleaner comes with a filter change indicator, a memory function and a child lock for unattended operation.


AirgoClean® One you benefit from an equally durable and user-friendly construction with effective 360° air routing and long filter lifetimes. The unit comes standard with the following filters: Combination prefilter consisting of a synthetic prefilter mat and F7 prefilter (ISO ePM10 85 %), silencer and H14 HEPA filter (EN 1822).





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