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Atollspeed AS400H Hi-Speed Oven

Atollspeed AS400H Hi-Speed Oven

The Atollspeed AS400H, hybrid oven, combines impingement cooking with microwave technology, to reduce cooking times by up to 20 times.

This high end, high speed, performance oven, has a larger baking chamber than the AS300HB and is suitable for high customer traffic locations, where quality and speed are demanded.

A cost-efficient choice for any fast-food counter, the AS400H has a low energy consumption, despite its big baking chamber, two magnetrons of high microwave output and a high-end heating element for a quick hot air output.

The combination of cooking technologies result in perfect baking and roasting results every time in a short amount of time – perfect tanning and crust formation of foods leads to an excellent food taste. The top launched microwave, allow use of any open-top metal containers for even more ideal baking results. While the impingement technology gives a crispiness & golden colour, to foods, in seconds.

The modern touch screen controls are easy to use; of the 100 programmable options, 24 can be saved as favourites and easily chosen via icons on screen for the baking cycle to begin.

The Atollspeed AS400H hybrid oven is ideal for bakeries, cafés, petrol station-shops, restaurants, hotel-bars, kiosks and restaurant-chains – in fact, anywhere where customers expect high quality snacks and small meals – served quickly.

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  • Low running costs due to efficient insulation resulting in minimal heat loss
  • Ready to use after 10-minute heating-up phase
  • Powerful microwave and low radiant heat
  • Catalytic filter allows for ventless cooking, anywhere
  • Maintenance free catalytic system, effectively eliminate grease & smell, no taste transfer
  • Easy to clean – hygienic baking chamber & easy-to-clean filter system
  • Adjustable temperature from 200 to 270°C
  • User Friendly Interface with 7 inch colour touchscreen & icons
  • 100 programme positions available
  • Password protected, high security level
  • 24 set as favourites for easy selection
  • USB port easy upload/download recipes
  • Cool to the touch exterior
  • Variable-speed impingement
  • Allows the use of metal pans
  • Robust and durable design with ergonomic door handle
  • Self-diagnose system to effectively extend use life of the equipment.


Atollspeed AS400H

  • External dimensions (W × D × H): 583 x 730 x 592 mm
  • Baking chamber (W × D × H): 450 × 350 × 200 mm
  • Connection to electrical supply: 380 – 400 V / 3Ph / 50 Hz
  • Weight: 88 Kg
  • Max. consumption: 4.9 kW
  • Heating power: 3.3 kW
  • Microwave input power: 3.2 kW
  • Microwave frequency: 2.465 GHz
  • Microwave: 2 magnetrons
  • Max. temperature: 270°C
  • Back wall clearance: 76 mm
  • Current: 16 A

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