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Desco Griddle 700 (Available in Ireland only)

Desco Griddle 700 (Available in Ireland only)

For first-rate performance and a high-quality piece of griddling equipment, the Desco Griddle 700 is the must-have addition for your kitchen. This is a rental option with an extremely robust stainless steel design – making it flexible, functional and long-lasting. Thanks to its compact footprint, it won’t take up too much valuable floor space either.

The griddling plate on the Desco Griddle 700 features a special alloy that enhances its conducting abilities. This is just part of a feature lists that help this product to deliver sterling cooking results. It boasts a single-well design. Contact our sales team for more information about our rental deals and add this to your equipment fleet today.

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  • Single well griddle


Desco Griddle 700

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 400 x 700/750 x 900 mm
  • Electric Power Consumption: 5.4kW
  • Gas Power Consumption: 7kW
  • Power Supply: 16amp
  • Voltage: 3N~/400V 50-60Hz




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