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Festival Dual Temperature Island

Festival Dual Temperature Island

The Festival Dual Temperature Island is one of the most flexible rental options in our range; a unit that can operate as a chiller or a freezer! This island display case is responsive to your requirements, whether it’s for retail, promotional or event use. Accessible and versatile, this display case has the power to excel.

A self-serve unit, the Festival Dual Temperature Island can boost sales of your chilled or frozen produce with ease. You can place it up against a wall or at the heart of your display area; in both instances, it’s an exquisite sales platform for your products. Contact us today for more details on how to rent this product.

The Festival is our glass lid model; for an open-top island display, click here.

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  • Dual temperature; operates as a chiller or freezer
  • Off-cycle defrost
  • Ventilated cooling
  • Incorporated condensing unit
  • LED lighting
  • High efficiency fans
  • Propane refrigerant gas (R290)


DTF-100 Dual Temperature Island

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1500 x 1015 x 925 mm
  • Power Consumption (Nominal): 623W
  • Power Consumption (Defrost): 1665W
  • Power Supply: 13amp
  • Temperature Range: -23°C/+4°C

DTF-150 Dual Temperature Island

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1595 x 1095 x 1200 mm
  • Power Consumption (Nominal): 880W
  • Power Consumption (Defrost): 1250W
  • Power Supply: 13amp
  • Temperature Range: -23°C/+4°C




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