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Fri-Jado Square Glass Cold Deli Counter

Fri-Jado Square Glass Cold Deli Counter

The Fri-Jado Cold Deli square deli counter is available in 3, 4 & 5GN pan sizes. These self-contained refrigeration display units are very versatile being able to work as a stand-alone, plug and play unit or combined with additional cold or the hot deli unit, or to drop mount into your existing matching counter area.

The cold deli unit can be installed anywhere with access to a single-phase socket. The glass refrigeration unit maintains food at 2 to 5°C. This constant temperature provides the perfect climate to keep your products fresh for longer holding times.

Ergonomically designed with simple two-button controls the square cold deli counter is an easy unit for you to operate. You can keep your most-accessed ingredients ready to use, whilst the glass and stainless surround helps to maximise hygiene and time-saving easy clean up.

These chilled display deli units add an appetising food experience that truly enriches your store and will boost your sales. Perfect for salad bars, delicatessens, live food stations and more.

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  • Square glass
  • Product temperature maintained at 2-5°C
  • Self-contained refrigeration
  • Available in 3, 4 and 5 pan sizes
  • Plug and play
  • Hot deli- full serve can be combined with cold counter in one retail counter design
  • Hygienic and simple two-button control


Cold Deli 3 Square 
• Dimensions (W x D x H): 1086 x 1058 x 1265 mm 
• Height on stand: 1420 mm
• Height on low stand: 1300 mm 
• Temperature Maintained: 2-5°C 
• Power: 0.9 kW  
• Voltage: 1 N~ 230 V 
• Frequency: 50 Hz 
• Weight: 216 Kg 
• Temperature Class: 3M1 
• Refrigerant: R134A 
• Pan frame for 3×1/1 GN-pan plus 3×1/3 GN pan per section 
• Flat plate: 964 x 608 mm 

Cold Deli 4 Square 
• Dimensions (W x D x H): 1419 x 1058 x 1265 mm 
• Power: 1.1 kW 
• Weight: 250Kg 
• Pan frame for 4×1/1 GN-pan plus 4×1/3 GN pan per section  
• Flat plate: 1297 x 608 mm 

Cold Deli 5 Square 
• Dimensions (W x D x H): 1752 x 1058 x 1265 mm 
• Power: 1.2 kW 
• Weight: 294 Kg 
• Pan frame for 5×1/1 GN-pan plus 5×1/3 GN pan per section 
• Flat plate: 1630 x 608 mm

Additional Options

  • Customised stand to integrate with existing store counters
  • Cutting board
  • Temperature indicator on customer side




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