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Pratica High Speed Oven – COPA Express

Pratica High Speed Oven – COPA Express

The Copa Express rapid cook oven uses a combination of convection heat, high speed impinged air and precision microwave to cook food 10 times faster than traditional processes. Finishes fresh, frozen or chilled food to the highest quality of taste, visual and crispness.

One of the most compact speed ovens of this capacity on the market. At 405mm wide it is able to fit common pan sizes including ½ hotel pan and a ¼ sheet pan.

Elegant and Intuitive Screen Controls
Full colour capacitive touchscreen display with intuitive software allowing customised images for baking products. Basic oven operations are easy to follow with the simplified user interface.

The Copa Express is ideal the perfect front of house solution for all shops, petrol stations, convenience shops, cafes, or bars where customers demand quick high-quality food.

Its advance cooling design eliminates the need for side vents and louvers allowing installation with only 25mm side clearance. The compact size allows it to fit a small workspace footprint.

All ovens are built according to European guidelines/standards and guarantee safe use.

Hi-Speed Ovens product range



  • Up to 1024 recipes, with 8 steps each, divided by 16 groups
  • USB port to upload/download recipes
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable temperature from 86F (3OC) to 530F (276C)
  • User friendly Interface
  • Cool to the touch exterior
  • Independently controlled of air speed, microwave and infrared
  • Constructed from AISI430 (exterior) and AISI304 (interior)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ventless system with easy removable catalytic filter
  • Allows the use of metal pans
  • Manual mode for on-the-fly cooking

Infrared heating element, with independent temperature control, increases heat transfer rates to speed up cooking times.

The internal catalytic convertor eliminates grease laden vapours before they escape from the oven. So no need to install a hood.

Designed for simple cleaning and maintenance by end user. Easy access and removable catalytic converter. Easy access and removal of the electrical compartment air filter.

Easy to use. Full colour capacitive touchscreen display with intuitive software. Manual cooking mode allows for unexpected menu items.

Perfect baking and roasting results every time. Produce a tasty snack in record time.

Robust and durable stainless steel design features requires little space. Rear clearances are automatically set with installed bumpers. Advanced cooling eliminates side vents and louvers so minimal side clearance required.


External dimensions (W × D × H) 405 × 680 × 692 mm
Baking chamber (W × D × H) 336 × 287 × 183 mm
Connection to electrical supply 230 V / 1Ph / 50 Hz & 400V / 3Ph / 50Hz
Weight 79 Kg
Capacity 17.5 L
Max. consumption 6.9 kW
Max. temperature 280°C
Side clearance: 50 mm




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