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Outdoor Heaters

Ireland is not the best climate for al fresco dining – even in summer! So we carry a range of outdoor heating solutions for your patio, balcony, roof terraces or similar outdoor spaces.

All our commercial grade patio heaters are robust, easy to use and are perfect for adding extra warmth on those cool summer nights.

We offer several options for either direct or indirect fired heating. Indirect fired heating units are suitable for heating marquees, gazebo, large covered terraces, or similar. Or our direct heaters are suitable for spot heating adjacent to tables or seating areas.

*Note: while the units are splash-proof, they will need to be situated in a weatherproof area and cannot be left unprotected to the outside elements.

Contact us today and one of our qualified heating engineers can provide you with a workable solution for your specific premises.

Patio Infrared Radiant Heater

360 degree heating with the IRS 2520 infrared patio heater

The slim standing infrared radiant heater is a flexible and elegant high-performance heating solution ensuring pleasant warmth on your patio or terrace. This robust and splash-proof outdoor heater is recommended for use at outdoor restaurants seating.

The pleasantly light and energy-saving, free-standing radiant heater has two powerful heating settings of 1.25 kW and 2.5 kW providing 360° of evenly distributed heat. The stylish design, made of high-quality aluminium and stainless steel, blends perfectly with any atmosphere.

This electric splash-proof outdoor heater is ideal for use on patios, balconies, terraces and outdoor restaurant seating areas.

3Kw Infrared Radiant Heater Warm Glow

infrared radiant spot heater - warm glow

The Warm Glow portable infrared electric heater is designed to achieve local spot heating in large areas. It heats up within seconds and delivers up to 3kW of heat from the two infra-red bar emitters. It is available for a 110 volt or 230-volt power supply. They are noiseless while producing lovely volumes of warm, odourless, condensation free air.

Ideal for leisure, pub & restaurant terraces, and workstation heating.

Oil Fired Heater Red Star 85

Red Star 85 Indirect Oil Heater

The Red Star 85 is one of the biggest and most powerful indirect fired heaters in our range. Incredibly economical, they are able to deliver huge amounts of safe fume-free heat and work well for heating large volume spaces, such as a covered terrace or marquee.

Available in single and 3- phase options. Various smaller sizes also available for hire.

211kW High Output Indirect Heater IDS 900

IDS 900 Indirect Oil Fired Heater

Incredibly powerful, economical, indirect oil heating unit designed especially to heat halls or different numbers of rooms, super-fast and efficiently.

Best suited for large marquees or halls the IDS 900 gives you even more freedom and mobility when it comes to choosing the right place for installation. The units are standard-equipped with an electronic flame safeguard, safety thermostat for overheat protection and fully automatic after cooling.

They are easy to install, and incredibly mobile enabling them to be single-handedly moved quickly & easily. We can also provide fully bonded fuel tanks or caddies for the safe handling of fuel for this heater.

Our team can provide a design, installation and commissioning service if required. For large occasions we can provide full onsite technical support service for the duration of your event.





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