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Single Tank Standalone Gas Fryer

Single Tank Standalone Gas Fryer

Pitco Single Tank Free-Standing Gas Fryer SG14 has an atmospheric burner system combined with four stainless steel heat tubes utilising high-temperature alloy stainless steel baffles. It also has a deep cool zone for trapping burnt particles, crumbs, and black specks. The Pitco Free-Standing Gas Fryer has a cooking area of 35.6 cm x 35.6 cm with a cooking depth of 10.2 cm. Heat transfer area is a minimum of 3,871 sq. cm.

The dependable blower free atmospheric heating system provides fast recovery to cook a variety of food products. The Solstice gas fryer comes standard with a millivolt thermostat with a thermo-safety pilot, high temperature safety limit switch. The unique Solstice burner and baffle design increases cooking production, lowers flue temperature and improves working environment compared to previous models.

The Gas control valve prevents gas flow to the main burner until the pilot is established and also shuts off all gas flow automatically if the pilot flame goes out. Temperature limit switch safely shuts off all gas flow if the fryer temperature exceeds the upper limit.

All components are accessible from the front to make service and maintenance faster and easier. Even the heating element can be removed without access to the back of the fryer.

High volume production rate fryer with fast heat recovery is perfect for frying a wide variety of foods; with its small foot print great solution in a limited amount of space. 


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Tank – stainless steel construction
Cabinet – stainless front, door and sides
Solstice Burner Technology, No blower or ceramics
Millivolt Thermostat (T-Stat) 190ºC-93ºC CE
Themo-Safety pilot with built in regulator
High Temperature safety limit switch
Heavy duty .48 cm bottom door hinge
3.2 cm Full port drain valve for fast draining
Separate Manual gas shutoffs, for front servicing
Integrated flue deflector
22.9cm adjustable legs, easier access to clean
Tube rack, allows crumbs & debris into cool zone
Removable basket hanger, requires no tools
Deep cool zone for extended oil life


Model SG14

  • Dimensions: 1201(H) x 384(W) x 769(D)mm
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Chip Output: up to 28.6kg/hr
  • Power Type: 26.5kW, 90,000 Btu/hr
  • Gas Input: 110,000 BTUs / 33W (CE) / 119 megajoules (AuGA)
  • Weight: 73kg
  • Frying Area: 35.6 cm x 35.6 cm
  • Cook Depth: 8.3 -12.7 cm
  • Oil Capacity: 18.5Ltr

Additional Options

Choice of basket options :

  • 2-Twin Baskets
  • 1-Full Basket




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