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Scoop Freezer

Scoop Freezer

For retail, foodservice or event use, the 7-pan scoop freezer is the ultimate freezer rental showcase for your ice cream and gelato. It is perfect for both freezing and displaying your soft scoop treats, with this product proving to be a popular choice. We’ll supply seven pans that hold five litres each. The storage space underneath, meanwhile, holds up to 12 more pans.

The features of our 7-pan freezer include its electronic controls and stylish curved glass design. Not just that, but stunning internal illumination means a brighter display for your ice cream. For greater exposure, you can brand this unit too – eye-catching if renting this unit for retail or event use.

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  • Fully automatic operation
  • Electronic controls
  • Excellent internal illumination for brighter display
  • White plastisised sheet steel
  • Curved glass superstructure
  • Electric defrost


Scoop-7 Gelato & Ice Cream Freezer + Canopy

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1341 x 723 x 1224 mm
  • Power Consumption: 740W
  • Power Supply: 13amp
  • Temperature Range: -15°C/-20°C

Additional Options

  • Extra 5-litre pans for under storage
  • Custom decals




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