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Zumoval FastTop Heavy Duty Compact Juice Machine

Zumoval FastTop Heavy Duty Compact Juice Machine

The Zumoval FastTop automatic juice machine combined with the special extra-large stainless steel juice tray and stand cabinet are specially designed for high consumption locations such as self-service, supermarkets, petrol stations, hotel buffets and, big volume sites.

The machine is equipped with a Pulp-Out Filter and a Stainless steel self service taps. People are focussing more and more on a healthy lifestyle. As a result, retail stores now offer people freshly squeezed orange juice.

The client can serve themselves, filling a cup or bottle of instantly squeezed juice and drink it directly or take it home. So easy, so fresh.

This model is available in 2 different speeds, 28 or 45 oranges per minute, which equals 2 or 3 litres of freshly squeezed juice per minute.

The Pulp-Out filter allows you to eliminate seeds and pulp by just sliding the pulp out sweeper to the side. In a second, the filter is clean. Choose the operating mode according to the needs of the customer and get ready for your fresh orange juice, squeezed by you when you want.

The fastest juicer on the market it comes with a 18kg fruit basket on top for storing the fruit and can process 45 oranges per minute. Simply load the whole fruit in the feeder basket and the machine takes care of everything else. It cuts, de-seeds and juices without the juice touching the peel, thus producing fresh juice with no bitter after taste!

Strong and robust, this machine is totally maintenance free. Easy to dismantle, which takes only one minute, cleaning is really easy and will take less than 3 minutes.

Increase juice demand with the highly visible and attractive unique rotating squeezing system in a prime in-store location.

This powerful, stainless steel heavy-duty motor is the fastest on the market being capable of extracting up to 200 litres of juice per hour. With the self-service, easy to use anti-drip, tap attached directly to the motor, open the tap and the machine starts. Close the tap the machine stops.

Adding the big capacity juice filter makes it easy to use as a self-service unit. The pulp moving stick (Pulp-away system) keeps the juice tap from clogging and the anti-drip system keep the machine clean throughout the day. It can squeeze more than 20 litres of juice without having to clean the filter.

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  • Maximum yield squeezing system without touching the peel
  • Stainless steel knife which cuts fruit
  • Zumoval exclusive visible rotative squeezing system
  • Filters out seeds from juice
  • Overloading and temperature electrical protection
  • Safety proximity indicator
  • Self-service stand with tap and big capacity juice filter
  • Designed for high consumption locations such as supermarkets, petrol stations, hotels, buffets, and restaurants.


  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 620 x 500 x 990 mm
  • Power Consumption: 0.55 kW
  • Voltage (amps): 230 V / 1 Ph / 50-60 Hz
  • Consumption: 4.1 A
  • Fruit Diameter: 65 – 80 mm
  • Capacity of peel bucket: 20 Kg
  • Capacity of feeder: 18 Kg
  • Production: 45 fruits per minute
  • Waste bin: 18 Kg
  • Output: 120 L per hour
  • Material: Stainless Steel gears; Aluminium carter
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Power: 13 Amp Plug In
  • Weight: 48 Kg / 83.5 Kg with stand

Additional Options

Self Service Stand (with self tap and big capacity juice filter) for Fasttop Zumoval Juice Extractors




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