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Zumoval Top-fasttop (Available in Ireland only)



Zumoval Top-fasttop (Available in Ireland only)

Zumoval has created a new machine specially designed for self-service with high consumption. The machine is equipped with a Pulp-Out Filter and a Stainless steel self service taps. People are focussing more and more on a healthy lifestyle. As a result, retail stores offer people freshly squeezed orange juice.


Specially designed for supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and

other retail concepts. The client can serve themselves, filling a cup

or bottle of instantly squeezed juice and drink it directly or take it home.

So easy, so fresh.


This model is available in 2 different speeds, 28 or 45 oranges per minute, which equals 2 or 3 litres of freshly squeezed juice per minute.


The Pulp-Out filter allows you to eliminate seeds and pulp by just sliding the pulp out sweeper to the side. In a second, the filter is clean.

Choose the operating mode according to the needs of the customer and get ready for your fresh orange juice, squeezed by you when you want.





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